Outlaw Cigar Event Recap

From Ted:

Friends –

What a fantastic night! I want to thank all who attended for being part of this special fundraiser for Cristo Rey School. We managed to raise several thousand dollars for the cause and, speaking for myself, had an incredible time. It was great to make several new friends and catch up with so many older acquaintances as well.

I especially want to thank the Chiefs Ambassadors for participating in the evening. This is a group of guys that always seems to step up when there is a philanthropic cause. I’m just very proud to be associated with these top-notch gentlemen.

I’d also like to thank the event’s many in-kind contributors. The food (Mr. Goodcents), beverages (wine from R.J. at Wine Flights, Scotch from Troy Keenan) and the Montecristo cigars (Montecristo Cigar Co.), were donated – all an exceptional benefit to the fundraiser’s bottom line.

Many of you had the chance to meet my “Dancing With the Kansas City Stars” dance partner, Lila Shultz. She’s a graceful and dynamic woman who is, week-by-week, tranforming me from former NFL running back, to “one-night-only” Tango dancer! (Lila, may I apologize in advance for any bruised toes I may inflict? I assure you it is unintentional!) I’d also like to thank Ballroom Unlimited in Mission, Kansas for their kindness in lending us studio rehearsal time.

Speaking of Dancing With the Kansas City Stars, please mark this date on your calendar: Saturday, March 24. The event will be held at the Sheraton Crown Center Hotel (formerly the Hyatt Regency Crown Center). Tickets are still available, but the event traditionally will sell out. Please visit the Dancing With the KC Stars event page on my website for ticket information.

Want do do more? You can also “vote” for me in advance by making a donation to directly to Cristo Rey. You can find all of the details on their website.

Gentlemen (and Lila), again, many thanks for making The Second Annual Outlaw Cigar Night for Cristo Rey a success. There is no question, I could not have done it without you!


P.S. Take a look at the photos from the evening (below); lots of great memories were made!


Video: Ted talks about his bucket list and the Tango.

See video of Ted discussing his bucket list – and why he’s learning to Tango for “Dancing with the KC Stars.”

Click: Ted McKnight and his bucket list (video).





Video: Ted and Lila demonstrate the Tango.

See video of Ted and “Dancing with the KC Stars” partner Lila Shultz and a Tango preview. Click: Ted and Tango demo.







Ted and Dance Partner, Lila Shultz









Ted and friends at the Outlaw Cigar Night.

Dance pro Lila Shultz greeted guests at the door.


Ambassadors Ed Kremer, Walter White and Shawn Barber.

Walter White, Ted and Ed Budde

Walter, Ed and a Montecristo

A great group of guys gathered for a great cause.

Mr. Goodcents graciously donated the food for the evening.

Lila explains finer points of the Tango.

Dave Lindstrom, Ed Budde and Ken "Fuzzy" Kremer.

Ted and Jeff Austin.